Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Friday, July 8, 2011

Meet our new mascot.....

Geraldine....how amazing is she!!

A lovely lady brought her into the shop today....and as you can imagine....we were all over her like Oprah on a baked ham!

She's a Shih Tzu cross Maltese and she's only 7 weeks old....her mummy was very proud...

Aww, Geraldine, you can come by anytime!


Lady love xx

Being blog whores, you can imagine how much we love to have a little sticky beak at the street style snaps during Fashion Week...and Paris Couture week did not disappoint!!

Our pick for best dressed lady would definitely have to be Shala Monroque, she always looks flawless without being too "perfect"....the woman's just not afraid to mix things up and no one does colour better than her!

Shala is the Editor of Pop Magazine, an avid art collector and all round amazing woman.... not to mention she is STUNNING!!

We can't take our eyes off her!


Let's go surfin' now!

Keeping with our beachy mood this week, we've got the sensational 60's band The Shadows on high rotation in the shop....no one did surfer rock better than them!

What better way to warm up the Winter chills!


Like a Rolling Stone...

Thanks to the fabulous Rachael, who found a little stash of these great vintage Rolling Stones tees on her recent trip to Texas....worn in just so....for that "oh this old thing, back when Keith and I were dating" look!

Throw on an old leather jacket....done!

For the record......his name was Keith Thompson...but whatever!!


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Just a great little tee!

You know if there's a great t-shirt out there to be found....well, we're gonna find it!

This worn in, vintage style number is just, well...PERFECT!

From the scooped out neck, to the little sleeves....

.....all the way down to the scalloped hem and exaggerated length...

.....oh....did we mention those pretty pink stripes on a cream marle background?!


Add a splash of colour....

So, it may be Winter, but seein' these turquoise babies from J Brand has made us all warm and fuzzy on the inside....

We're so lucky to live in such a fantastic city...sunshine pretty much all year round....the perfect Winter weather to let us play with vibrant colours and softer, finer fabrics...

Made from the same Japanese cotton twill as the fab red and pink versions we've had in store previously....these little babies are super soft and damn comfy!

Soften the look with some pared back washed out neutrals and great pair of old boots and you're laughing!


If it's good enough for the locals....

We spent a few days in Byron over the weekend....to catch a little Winter sun....and we discovered the most amazing little cafe....perched on top of a hill....surrounded by houses....it was almost like a mirage....we had to rub our eyes to see if it was really there!

Simple, fresh food sourced from the local Farmers Markets, all made in house by the very talented and super friendly staff....

The Top Shop seems to feel right at home nestled between the neighbouring residential homes...like that cute boy who lived next door to you when you were 12!

As they say, if it's good enough for the locals...

The BEST coffee!!

You'll find this little gem on the corner of Carlyle and Massinger st, Byron Bay



A country garden....

We've come over all nanna this week with our country inspired flower arrangement......

Tea and scones anyone?!