Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Glorious Shirts!!

Yay for new deliveries!!

Being jeans gals, you know we just love a good shirt...actually no, not a good shirt...anyone can find those...a GREAT shirt!! Now those babies are hard to find!!

The best thing about these GREAT shirts? They are perfect for this weather we're having at the moment...then stick your fav jacket over top for winter and SHAZAAM!! Perfection!!

The best Equipment shirt to date...tiny black stars on a white silk background...Equipment shirts are so chic and just so easy to throw on with a great pair of jeans...

Silk ethnic floral shirt from French label Ba&sh...love the shoulder detail!

Cream cotton blouse from Ba&sh...the lace detailing is amazing on this shirt!

Silk blouse by Ba&sh...gorgeous appliqué detail!!

The French really know how to do casual chic so well...beautifully cut pieces with quality details in amazing fabrics that stand the test of time...


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hand Crafted...

Some of our fantastic accessories which we've had custom made for Miss Mouse have arrived...and they are even more AMAZING in real life!!

The Iva Concho Belt in tan leather...

The Joni Belt is unbelievable...so much detail...a fantastic focal point for the simplest outfit!!

Tusk Envelope Clutch in antique ikat fabric with leather tie...

The best clutches for Summer!!

Get in quick...all of these items are hand crafted and one of a kind...


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Australia Day...

We'll be closed tomorrow 26th Jan for Australia Day...hope you guys are doing something fun...it may be raining and the beach isn't really an option but none the less...DAY OFF!!

Sleep in...eat something delicious for brunch (I'm thinking French toast with poached pears and brioche from Lure...YUM!)...hang out with friends...drink wine...drink beer...listen to music...laugh out loud...go to bed!


Paris Fashion Week...

Paris Fashion Week has started and once again we're more excited by the street style looks than anything else. Street Style Blogs have become so popular over the last few years...even you're Grandmother's reading them...well, maybe not your granny but Dee's technically a Nanna so you know!!

Here's our fav snaps so far...simple and the beauty is in the details...

LOVE that shearling jacket...I could get lost in that!

Gotta love a knitted cape...you could have a family of raccoons under there and no one would ever know!

With boots and a jacket like that what more could a gal need?!

Can't wait to see more lovely pics throughout the week...



Over the years Aesop has built up such a loyal following both here in Australia and overseas as well...it's almost impossible not to have come across the product somewhere along the line...and as far as skin care is concerned, Aesop is considered one of the best...

Miss Mouse is full of all the things we love and use so it was no surprise when we began stocking the famous brand (plus we were too lazy to go in to the city to buy it for ourselves!!)....so you know we just love it when they bring out new products!!

The yummy Geranium Leaf Body Scrub is a winner for Summer...especially if you love a bit of sun like we do!

Since it's inception in 1987 in Melbourne, the Aesop love has spread far and wide...and the French seem to have almost taken it as there own...maybe it's the simple sophisticated quality...maybe it's because the packaging is mostly in French...who knows...but they love it as much as we do!!

One of our fav French blogs Life Of Boheme is an avid fan...

If the beautiful packaging doesn't suck you in...the smell surely will!!


Friday, January 20, 2012

Love A Good Orchid!

There's nothing quite as satisfying as going to the flower markets and standing there for eternity (which is what it feels like when you drag your husband along!) while you go over in your head whether said flowers really match that little corner of the rug in your lounge room...

...now before you get all thinkin' we're totally obsessive compulsive nuts (just a bit)...we're not quite that anal...although the whole process when it comes to choosing flowers is so very therapeutic really...

Dee inspired my love of flower arrangements with her stunning displays every week in MM...and once you start mastering the art at home, well don't you just feel so grown up?!

I wish I could say Dee's love of cooking rubbed off on me...but alas, unless Jamie Oliver's comin' round to cut and prep the meal I'm really not that "interested"...for now I'm happy just to devour whatever she makes!!



If you didn't already know, Dee and I are massive Creedence Clearwater Revival fans...damn straight!!

So you can imagine the happy dance that was performed after we saw this little juicy tid bit in the paper this morning!!!

Dee goes every year with her family to Bluesfest...and she's already seen John Fogerty perform there once before....and I can tell you this, a little piece of me has hated her ever since;) But seriously...Holy mother of all things fantastic in this world!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bury Me In Coconuts!

There's nothing better than your favourite fragrance...that all familiar scent that always takes you back to that special place...and every time you spray it on...you're taken back to that memory...even just for a second...

For us, it's Love Coco by Honore Des Pres...that perfectly blended aroma of fresh coconuts and just a hint of coriander...mmm, it gets us every time!!

Yep, Dee and I wear the same perfume...it's a little odd...although when we rock up to work wearing almost identical outfits...that's a whole new level of "on the same wave length"...what can we say...we just love the same things...good taste comes in pairs!;)


Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Love a bit of tonal dressing...keep it in the family we say!

Dee's little (not so little) granddaughter Marlee...just make sure you always remember that golden rule...never double up your leopard print...be sure not to match your leopard bag to your leopard granddaughter...HOW EMBARRASSING!!;)


Too Cute!!

Another great interpretation of our very own Tusk dress in army...

Love the knot to shorten the length (coming from a fellow shortie!) and the multi strand bead necklace from Lavish!

Add a tribal print shoe and you're done!

You guys are inspirational...


Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Thank you so much to the wonderful team @ Shop Til You Drop Mag for featuring Miss Mouse in their Queensland Must-Haves section....we're totally chuffed!

We scrub up alright!!;)



What's not to love about a new delivery of simply stunning lingerie from Princesse Tam Tam?!

Fast becoming a cult label here in Australia, PTT has earned a reputation for it's soft feminine designs that cleverly sit somewhere between modern ladylike and that playful sexiness that the French seem to do so well...

The Taqui Slip in soft olive...PTT's slips look fantastic paired with a blazer at night and a fab pair of heels!

The Topaz Bandeau Underwire and G String in black...

We just love PTT's custom lace!

The Taqui Bra and G String in vintage rose...

The softest bra you will ever wear!!

How pretty is the peekaboo mesh!

This little baby is AMAZING!! The Ruby Bow Bra and High Waist French Knicker...

That lace!

Love the big bow...now this is a bra that deserves to be seen!!

We're in love of course....and the best part about Princesse Tam Tam lingerie is that the sizes are really versatile....most of their bras don't have padding and can fit a range of sizes!


Friday, January 13, 2012

High Rotation...

Currently inspiring us on a daily basis...

Kris Kristofferson - The Silver Tongued Devil And I

Phosphorescent - Here's To Taking It Easy

Bill Callahan - Apocolypse

Gotta love them cowboys!


Thursday, January 12, 2012

New In...

We've just received an absolute truckload of yummy new candles from Carriere Feres...in all your fav scents...lavender, damask rose, fig, sandlewood...too good!

So, if you've finally got rid of all the rellies from Christmas...put your feet up, light a candle and relax with a cup of tea!!


Friday's Fav...

I just had take take a quick snap of Dee this morning...her outfit was exactly how I was feeling when I woke up today...will it be sunny? cloudy? rainy? hot? Who knows at the moment!! That's why this outfit is just so perfect....a little bit of coverage at the top...a lotta leg at the bottom...topped off with our fav sandals of the season...simple perfection!

Biya black cotton long sleeve top with turquoise and brown embroidery...

Worn with white J Brand cut offs and Indian Summer sandals....


Welcome Wagon!

The moment you step through the doors at Oliveaux, the latest little retail edition to the street, you feel a sense of calm wash over you...everything about Amanda's hand picked selection of furniture and home wares has a sense of unpretentiousness about it...Oliveaux's aesthetic sits somewhere between French and Tropical with just the right amount of contemporary thrown in for good measure...and yet the overall feeling is very Australian.

We're loving this fantastic new addition to our lovely little street!

LOVE this huge coral piece!

So grab a coffee from Pearl this weekend and stroll around the Gabba precinct...there's new treasures to be found!


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Summer Garden
by Louise Gluck

Several weeks ago I discovered a photograph of my mother
sitting in the sun, her face flushed as with achievement or triumph.
The sun was shining. The dogs
were sleeping at her feet where time was also sleeping,
calm and unmoving as in all photographs.

I wiped the dust from my mother’s face.
Indeed, dust covered everything; it seemed to me the persistent
haze of nostalgia that protects all relics of childhood.
In the background, an assortment of park furniture, trees and shrubbery.

The sun moved lower in the sky, the shadows lengthened and darkened.
The more dust I removed, the more these shadows grew.
Summer arrived. The children
leaned over the rose border, their shadows
merging with the shadows of the roses.

A word came into my head, referring
to this shifting and changing, these erasures
that were now obvious—

it appeared, and as quickly vanished.
Was it blindness or darkness, peril, confusion?

Summer arrived, then autumn. The leaves turning,
the children bright spots in a mash of bronze and sienna.