Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Who says sales racks are boring?! Not us!!

We have some really beautiful pieces on the half price rack at the moment....too good to be true....almost!

Tato & Memi Poison Oasis silk dress in ochre size 10...was $320....now $160...

Nicola Finetti Pleated Panel jacket in black size 8 & 10...was $550...now $275...

Nicola Finetti Folded Panel Biker jacket in black size 8 & 10...was $480...now $240...

Natasha Gan Tiger Stripe Tee Dress size 10...was $180...now $90...

Kuwaii Lost Jumpsuit in soot size 8 & 10...was $399...now $199.50...

We love a bit of an old fashioned bargain.....especially when everything is this good!

Finally a sales rack that isn't boring;)


Friday, August 27, 2010

She's Just Waiting For Spring...............


someone else

covered in starlight

falling in the movement





creator of homemade lyrics




_ Kylie Johnson


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pug Me Silly!

Can I just start by saying..........I LOVE PUGS!!!!

Anyone who has been around me when a pug walks by knows first hand the ridiculous and let's
just say really really embarrassing spectacle that is to follow...I've got one word for you...camera!

I literally chase the poor thing down the street...what's not to love about their squishy little snorty faces and their curly piggy tails?!

Let me introduce my new best friend Gus the Pug...

and might I say he was very impressed by Dees new Spring window...

He loved Mousey Mouse...

He didn't understand why he couldn't play with Mousey...dog slobber maybe;)

Finally someone(thing) in the shop shorter than me!

Thank you to the beautiful Silvana who is the lucky lady who owns this proud little pug...Silvana you can bring him by any day...

So if you happen to be walking by Miss Mouse one sunny Spring afternoon, you may just spy Gus and I sitting outside Pearl enjoying a coffee and doggychino...and maybe we'll even share a slice of cake;)

That's me!!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Boyy oh Boyy!!!!!!

Okay okay....why so many exclamations in the title of this post?? Do you remember how excited we were when we discovered the fabulous Boyy Bags from New York?? Well prepare yourself because we are on to season number 2 with this amazing leather label and can we just tell you that they keep on getting better and better!!

The best part?.......these little (and big) babies are on their way to Miss Mouse as we speak and come rain or shine they will arrive on our doorstep with a great big fat hug waiting to greet them...oh yes....


The achingly beautiful Altan Weekender...made from Italian vintage finish shearling leather...

Altan Weekender worn with shearling flap inwards...use your discretion;)

The famous Slash style reinvented in grey calf leather with pony hair flap...can be worn with flap reversed...detach the strap and you have an oversized clutch...

When the Slash grows up he wants to be a Big Slash!...perfect satchel size...

Can you hear the pitter patter of tiny zipper teeth!....the Mini Slash...available in Rice with Python flap...

Smooth as a babies...well, you know;)

Le Max Clutch in natural bleached patchwork snake body...

Jake Shoulder Bag in grey pony hair...wear over the shoulder...

or carry by the shorter custom chain strap...

Love you Jake!

The daddy of all bags!...the Baron II...made from antique pewter croc and grey pony hair trim...

The Baron II is very two faced;)

Fold him over and you have an antique pewter clutch!....

Flip him and reverse him and you have a grey pony hair clutch...we told you he was the big daddy of all bags!

The Mickey with Buffalo leather belt strap and leather embedded BOYY soldiers!!...LOVE those little BOYYS!

Can I get mine in Wallet size?!

We have a sneaking suspicion we're going to want them all.....how do you choose?!

Each beautiful bag will be available in quantities of 1 only so if you would like any further info about any of the styles just give us a call at the shop and we'll be happy to chat and chat and chat and chat about these babies all day;)

If only all Boyys were this cute!


Friday, August 20, 2010

Wanna come to a Rodeo Show?

Not the "dusty kick ya heels up pick a partner and swing em round" kinda Rodeo Show.....come and see the real Rodeo Show....the "kick off your shoes and have a picnic in the park in my pretty new dress" kinda Rodeo Show!

This is a label that knows what it does and does it well....cute summer dresses and easy to wear prints at a great price!

Lula Dress available in lilac or cream...$170

Aphrodite Skirt...$160

Aphrodite Tank...$140

See.....you don't have to be a cowgirl to enjoy a Rodeo Show!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Spring = New Window!!

The weather....the weather....can you believe the weather!!

How gorgeous is this time of year in Brisbane?

With the sun shining and the birds singing (too far?) and all the beautiful new clothes arriving daily what else is a gal to do........get your legs out ladies!


The coffee, from Pearl, got the ball rolling...and I must say.... that Pilates is working Dee...check out the pins on that one!;)

We can be quite handy you know....you gotta love a gal who can swing a frock and hammer a nail at the same time....it's all about the angle....

The inspiration behind the window display was this amazing photo by Rachael Cassells....check out her work on www.rachaelcassells.com, her work is really beautiful...

Rachael still uses film for her photography and we love the grainy Californian feel of her work...

There's one at every party...


Pop by and say hi over the weekend and take a peak at all the lovely new things...comment on Dees' beautiful window display (we're all about flattery)....and even though cooler weather has been predicted in the next few days....we don't care....we'll be listening to The Beach Boys and dancin' around like it's 29 degrees without a cloud in the sky!

Will You Be My Best F*#@^n' Friend?

If you have a best friend who's a little bit cheeky and you want to show her (or him) a little bit of love we have the perfect present for your best *ahem* friend!.........

Fresh off the plane from our fav Brooklyn buddies, the In God We Trust "Best Fuckin' Friends" necklaces are back and bigger and better than before...supersized!!

Available in sterling silver and brass with two oxidized sterling silver chains...one for you and one for your bestie!

Brass with oxidized sterling silver chains $275...

Sterling silver $295...

These fab pieces are all hand made by the guys at In God We Trust in their little Brooklyn studio and Miss Mouse is the only Australian stockist...with such unique jewellery you don't want to see every Tom Dick & Harry getting around in your necklace!!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

All In The Details...

The detail, perhaps, lies in the slivers

of light or dark, that fall through

the cracks. Or perhaps it gets lost

in the vast sweep of the ordinary...

- Pam Patterson

Body piece with brass metal discs, beading and wood...

These amazing new pieces are by fabulous Frenchies Jiii Jiii...we just love the way they have such a knack for beautiful details....with that always feminine but never sickly sweet French flair...

Erika dress in white cotton voile with hand embroidered heart detail...

Body piece with silver and taupe sequins...

Blush silk floral maxi with neon pink appliqué body piece (available separately)...

The aptly named Vadar body piece with shoulder detail and silver sequins...

Throw your body piece over anything and completely change your look....over a white tee and jeans they make a great night out....over your fav simple little black dress to transform it into something spectacular...over a blazer they add a whole new layer....super easy super sexy super.....well, super!!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

How Much Cooler would it be?!

A friend of ours sent these images to us the other day and we just had to share them with you....what a shame Brisbane got rid of all the beautiful trams! These pics were taken in the 60's around some of our fav areas of Brissie....

Stanley St...can you see the Moreton Rubber building in the distance?!

The end Queen St..North Quay...nice socks Mr!

Kingsford Smith Drive, Hamilton...

Brunswick Street...can you guess where?

The National Hotel...big country town?!

So really!........how much cooler would Brisbane be if we still had the trams!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away...Thank You!

We put on The Kinks and a bit of Kool & The Gang and did a little rain dance for you........goodbye rain hellooooooooo sunshine!!

Rain.........don't let the door hit you on the way out!! ;)