Thursday, September 29, 2011

High Rotation...

To us, there's no better way to listen to music than on's the hunt for that next great find...whether it's a new release from one of your fav bands or discovering an old record in all it's battered glory...sure MP3's are great, you can take them anywhere, but they're so uninspiring...and there's CD's, but they just take up way too much real estate...and do you even remember the last time you sat down and admired the artwork on a CD cover?

So on that note (pardon the pun;), this is what's on high rotation at our place this week....

13th Floor Elevators were one of the first psychedelic bands of the late 60's, hailing from Austin, Texas...

The first Kills album, Keep On Your Mean Side, is always at the top of the pile...

And local Brissie boys Grand Atlantic have just released their latest album on vinyl for the first's just a bit fabulous!

And really, you can read a book on your Iphone now too...but remember that "old book" smell...isn't it so much sweeter and kind of romantic to own a little piece of history in such a throw away society?

We think so!!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Coming Attractions...

Denim in Summer?! In the words of Mr Big....Absafuckinglutlely!!!

We were soooo super excited today when Will, from US denim label AG, came in and showed us his brand new Summer denims....light and easy, their a little bit surfer girl....and you know we're lovin' a bit of that right now!!!

So here's a little sneak peek at what we'll be wearing in denim come Summer...such fun...

faded blue denim in aztec...

faded neon betcha...and we're lovin' ourselves sick in these babies!!

And remember...the key to success with the new coloured and patterned denim is super easy...keep it simple on top...stick to pared back neutrals in soft natural fibres...and have a bit of fun with them!!

These styles will be available approx this space...


New Season...Pretty New Things!!

So, the new season is off to a FAB start!! So many beautiful new things in the shop....and so little time to get it all up on the blog...CRAZY!!

We thought we'd give you a little slideshow of some of our fav pieces so far...just to keep you in the loop...and 'cause we miss you too!!

stud blouse from Woodford & Co

embellished vest from Goddess...also available in dust

cotton knit from Manning Cartell

the perfect Spring knit!

light tencel denim shift from T Luxe

faded leopard silk maxi from Samvara

silk chemise from Goddess

White cotton fringe dress from Goddess

faded leopard silk pants

army green cotton rayon dress from Tusk

super size fits all...dress up or down!!

So many cute things...and, as always...we want them all!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Our Favs...

We must admit we love the street style looks from fashion weeks....probably far more than the runway's a few of our favs at NYFW...

A little fashion inspiration to get you through the weekend!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Stuff!!

It's a beautiful Spring week!! The shop is brimming with all things lovely and bright....fresh flowers in the window and gorgeous new season clothes on the racks...

Pop in to see new pieces from Zimmermann, Manning Cartell, Goddess of Babylon, Tusk and's all so amazing!!

So many pretty dresses!!

We'll try to get some picks up on the blog soon...promise!!!


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Colour Therapy...

We always look forward to this time of year...not only does the weather change, but our mood seems to lift...just like the colours in our wardrobe. Doesn't it feel so uplifting and freeing to shed those Winter layers in favour of something a little lighter?! See, those snakes are on to something!;)

We thought we'd share some of our fav colour combos with you...

White cotton voile, burnt caramel python and a touch of bright watermelon...yum!!

Natural flecked linen, faded army green and red coral...earthy goodness!

Soft sage and white cotton tees, faded J Brand denim and a splash of neon coral...modern classics!

Sterling silver and navajo turquoise jewellery, almost-good-enough-to-eat macaroon coin purses from Boyy in sorbets and OPI nail polish in rusty red shades...match made in heaven!

So good, choc suede, fringed cow hide bag, turquoise twill skinnies from J Brand, white cotton voile and navy stripes...modern bohemian!

And Aesop Resurrection hand balm...because our poor old Winter hands need a little TLC....and not just because we love that blush coloured tube...ssh...don't judge us...we like pretty things!!

"In the right tonalities, I never met a colour I didn't like!"
- Iris Apfel


Too Good To Hide!

Ooh...just in time for season lingerie from Princess Tam Tam....

We just love their comfy and easy to wear...perfect for layering under all those gorgeous sheer fabrics...built in underwire for support...and removable straps...parfait!

Just made to be seen! what a colour! And that lace....pour le chic!!

So subtle at the cheeky at the back....such attention to detail, that's what the French do best...

Yes please!!!


Friday, September 2, 2011

You can guess where we're headed this weekend!


spring clean...

As much as we love this time of year, there's one little thing that we just aint feelin'...SPRING CLEANING!!!! Yeah, sure it's a fantastic feeling once it's all done and dusted....but really....we'd rather be having a nice cool glass of wine and reading a with us here?!

So, we've decided we're done with that....we're SPRING CLEANING our nails instead!!!

lovin' the new colours from OPI...fresh and fun...

lucky lucky colour of choice...this week...

mod-ern girl...

big apple red...

I think in pink...

It's a girl!....our little tribute to Dee's beautiful granddaughter Marlee...

so go find your own private spot...grab your fav mag...a glass of wine...and treat yourself to a bit of pampering...


welcome, welcome, how we've missed you!!

It's the first official Spring weekend....YAY!!!!!!

For us, it's all about sunshine, cotton voile and fresh flowers...plenty of fresh flowers!!!

The shop window is bursting with blooms!!

Enjoy your weekend....and be sure to find a special little spot in the sun....even just for 5 minutes...