Friday, May 28, 2010

Moon and Moon by Rachael Cassells

"The only people for me are the mad ones; the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time; the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn, like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue center light pop and everybody goes 'Awww'."

- Jack Kerouac

From this months RUSSH mag

Beautiful xx

Why, why you have to be sooo BEAUTIFUL!

We promised photos of BEAUTIFUL (most used word at Miss Mouse) Aussie label Kuwaii....and we delivered! Subtly sexy and simply divine dresses....super comfy....very flattering AND the perfect lengths!! Layer over a Miss Mouse FAV...LEATHER LEGGINGS...and you're good to go... wherever it is you choose the place, we'll pick the dress.

Black on black stripe Morpheus dress with soft exaggerated shoulder

The BEST...most flattering....super comfy jumpsuit ever....for grown ups;)

Amazing gathered sleeve detail...I'm never taking mine off...EVER!

Twisted little Heart Loop Dress in faded black...

Great colours...even better print...the Morpheus dress in Jewel print...what a gem!;)

You know we love a tan belt over a grey dress!...Lost dress in "Fog"



Wednesday, May 26, 2010

NF = YUM!!

OH MY GOD!! The final Winter delivery of Nylon Flocks has arrived and it is sooo beauitful! Perfect for Winter when you need to cover up but still want to look know!;)

This shirt rests happily on my back as I write this post....I LOVE IT!

Soft and drapey oversized shirt with cut out back and cuffs in "Dust"

Tailored perfection...pleat panel tux blazer with.....

cut out back!! Looks so good with a contrast fabric underneath

Perfect little bolero...turns any Summer dress into a trans- seasonal outfit!

And it still lets the dress do the talking!;)

Amazing little biker jacket...when you need something a little dressier than leather!

Fits to the body beautifully when zipped up

Asymmetric Zipper cardi with pleat cut out back

Sheer panel tunic...easy throw on piece and looks great


Friday, May 21, 2010


We would like to say a warm and heartfelt goodbye to our beautiful friend Josh and his much loved art gallery Joshua Levi Gallery!! Josh will be making the trek down to Melbourne soon to pursue his Trailer Trash festival and we wish him all the best. The gallery was a wonderful part of Woolloongabba and many a crazed night was spent on her doorstep.

We went along to the very last exhibition on Thursday night aptly titled EXIT....and saw one of Miss Mouses fav bands Drawn From Bees;)

There's one at every party!;)

Goodnight Josh...for now


Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Yacht or yours?

We had a few cute new pieces arrive in store today...

"My Yacht Or Yours?" tee from Wildfox

Pretty watermelon silk button back top from Gypsy

So flattering pebbled silk shirt dress from Gypsy

Watch this space for more Winter deliveries next week! YAY!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Where my wild garden grows...

Pick some fresh flowers....make it look like you just threw them together....add a fabulous hand made vase....a little ivory for good measure and you're good to go;)


Cute Boys + Great Songs = Love

Local Brisbane band Grand Atlantic are in the middle of their tri-state residency, so for the entire month of May they have been dragging their rock n roll bones down to Sydney and Melbourne and back to Brisbane again to play every week for four weeks...makes me tired just talking about it!

Dee and I went and saw them a couple of weeks ago on their very first show of the tour and really loved it.....especially their cover of the Beyonce song "Single Ladies"! We do love when a group of cute boys do a cover of a well known pop song and completely turn it into something wonderful!

Cute boys + Great songs = Love;)


Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Birthday to you and you and you...and especially YOU!

A very special happy birthday to Megan, Sal and Helen whom always make us smile when they visit Miss Mouse!

Megan dropped by and put her own lovely spin on the white pleat dress by new Miss Mouse favourites Secret the dress worn with Megans own fantastic black blazer!

Happy Birthday Gals!


The long and short of it....

Dee was very excited when our second delivery from Secret Squirrel arrived this week....of course no one was around to share in her she did a little happy dance behind the red velvet and so tickled was she when I returned to admire our beautiful new wears..........SHE SMILED FOR THE PHOTOS!

As Taylor always says "See mum, when you put a little effort in, see how beautiful you look"
Daughters are so sweet aren't they?!;)

One of the hardest things in fashion is dressing to suit your body shape...or height in this case...everyone has a different opinion or idea about what looks best, which is wonderful because that's what makes us individuals! Now Dee being a Giant and myself a Garden Gnome, we thought we'd show you the new pieces on both of us, worn how we want to wear them!

The "ultra feminine but not too girly" white pleat skirt worn with Secret Squirrel scoop neck tee in grey marle...thrown over Dees' J Brand jean leggings and one of the amazing hand painted vintage belts from Mexico

Same skirt and top on a shorty...thrown on with a Laurence Pasquier plait tan belt, and an armful of bangles

Perfect for our cooler of our yummy handmade scarves

The stunning white pleat dress is perfect for Brisbane this time of year...throw on a great tan belt and little booties and you're good to go!

Worn with one of our favourite Princess Tam Tam flirty innocent;)

Layered up over one of the gorgeous Goddess of Babylon lace and leather tops, J Brand jean leggings and old tan ankle quote Dees' mum Fran "Dee, you can always ruin a beautiful dress with a pair of jeans!"................J Brand jean leggings say WE THINK NOT FRAN!

We know we always look so serious in our pics...staring off into the distance...contemplating our next conquests! Or my new fav the "head scratch" which seems to be featured frequently at the moment!! So here's a little boob grab for you!;)


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Where's Remey?

Cute as a button? We think so!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

An affair to remember...

Thanks so much to the Ipswich Girls Grammer Old Girls Association for Inviting us last Friday night to their annual Fundraiser which always incorporates a fabulous fashion parade into the evening....all women really want is a beautiful dress and a lovely glass of wine!

The girls did a great job with their make up...

Goody bags for all the ladies!

When the shoe doesn't fit...stuff the toe with tissue paper!

Thanks to the lovely Cathy....doesn't it look like Dee's having a real conversation!

We love sisters Holly and cheeky

The heritage listed homestead Rockton House was the backdrop for the evening

Thanks to our wonderful client Karen for recommending Miss Mouse for the parade

Holly...look at those legs!

Lisa...these two girls have inspired us to get our Yoga on!

We were very lucky that every model had a great set of pins!

What an entrance;)

It was all too much really.....


Thursday, May 6, 2010 us your bones

"I prefer Winter and Fall, when you can feel the bone structure in the landscape...the loneliness of it...the dead feeling of Winter. Something waits beneath it...the whole story doesn't show........."

-Andrew Wyeth



A cozy boutique restaurant with a warm touch
A little piece of Greece in Brunswick Heads

A place where tradition is honoured and subtly contemporised

A rare find in a sea of restaurants
A space to be nurtured by divine food and indulged with passionate service

A symphony of perfectly orchestrated flavours
An ambient atmosphere...

A gift
A surprise
A delight for me to work at Fatbellykat

This poem was written by Tashi Guthrie who is only 16 years old and is a Kitchen Hand/aspiring Writer...she works at the most beautiful restaurant called Fatbellykat in Brunswick Heads...

Owned and operated by the beautiful Kat and her lovely husband Damian, Fatbellykat was named so because Kat was 4 months pregnant with her son when they opened the restaurant and thought it was an amazing omen!

It is worth the hour or so drive to get there from Brisbane and if you haven't been there yet........HURRY UP!

26 Tweed St
Brunswick Heads NSW 2483
(02) 6685

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lonely much?

Feeling down feeling blue?
Got everything to wear but nothing new?

Got lots of nice things but need a fresh start?
Come down and see Lonely Hearts!

Hey....nothing wrong with a little rhyme on a Thursday afternoon!

Fresh from the lovely shores of New Zealand we introduce another brand new label to Miss Mouse....Lonely Hearts....we'll let the photos do the talking

Stunning cream silk pin tuck front vintage style dress

Leather panel pants worn with Morrison silk slip...the best slip ever made...and Princess Tam Tam corset bra

So polka dot dress with pleat panel skirt...worn with Laurence Pasquier plait belt in tan

Subtly sexy worn on it's own

Love these polka dot blue you think Dee would notice if one little pair went missing!?

Sheer stretch silk paisley leggings...the most flattering patterned leggings I have ever seen!

The ultimate grown up ballerina dress?

Super soft grey fleck high waist pants...perfect for Brissy Winter

We are certainly spoilt for choice this season!