Friday, May 14, 2010

The long and short of it....

Dee was very excited when our second delivery from Secret Squirrel arrived this week....of course no one was around to share in her she did a little happy dance behind the red velvet and so tickled was she when I returned to admire our beautiful new wears..........SHE SMILED FOR THE PHOTOS!

As Taylor always says "See mum, when you put a little effort in, see how beautiful you look"
Daughters are so sweet aren't they?!;)

One of the hardest things in fashion is dressing to suit your body shape...or height in this case...everyone has a different opinion or idea about what looks best, which is wonderful because that's what makes us individuals! Now Dee being a Giant and myself a Garden Gnome, we thought we'd show you the new pieces on both of us, worn how we want to wear them!

The "ultra feminine but not too girly" white pleat skirt worn with Secret Squirrel scoop neck tee in grey marle...thrown over Dees' J Brand jean leggings and one of the amazing hand painted vintage belts from Mexico

Same skirt and top on a shorty...thrown on with a Laurence Pasquier plait tan belt, and an armful of bangles

Perfect for our cooler of our yummy handmade scarves

The stunning white pleat dress is perfect for Brisbane this time of year...throw on a great tan belt and little booties and you're good to go!

Worn with one of our favourite Princess Tam Tam flirty innocent;)

Layered up over one of the gorgeous Goddess of Babylon lace and leather tops, J Brand jean leggings and old tan ankle quote Dees' mum Fran "Dee, you can always ruin a beautiful dress with a pair of jeans!"................J Brand jean leggings say WE THINK NOT FRAN!

We know we always look so serious in our pics...staring off into the distance...contemplating our next conquests! Or my new fav the "head scratch" which seems to be featured frequently at the moment!! So here's a little boob grab for you!;)


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