Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's The Simple Things....

It is definitely the simple things in life that when done well, are simply superb!

Some of you may have been, and by now you should have...The Crosstown Eating House is such a lovely place to have a drink with friends or grab a bite to eat from the fabulous grazing menu or go all out with one of their very tasty's all good! I can say I've never been so happy with cheese and crackers;)

Housed in a 1920's red brick two storey building, the boys have certainly done an amazing job reinventing the old place....using mostly recycled bits and pieces found along their way, giving The Crosstown a comfy, unpretentious atmosphere...kind of like going to friends place for drinks... a fab friend with great taste, beer on tap and a personal chef!.;)

We certainly don't mind having neighbors like these!!


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