Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pug Me Silly!

Can I just start by saying..........I LOVE PUGS!!!!

Anyone who has been around me when a pug walks by knows first hand the ridiculous and let's
just say really really embarrassing spectacle that is to follow...I've got one word for!

I literally chase the poor thing down the street...what's not to love about their squishy little snorty faces and their curly piggy tails?!

Let me introduce my new best friend Gus the Pug...

and might I say he was very impressed by Dees new Spring window...

He loved Mousey Mouse...

He didn't understand why he couldn't play with slobber maybe;)

Finally someone(thing) in the shop shorter than me!

Thank you to the beautiful Silvana who is the lucky lady who owns this proud little pug...Silvana you can bring him by any day...

So if you happen to be walking by Miss Mouse one sunny Spring afternoon, you may just spy Gus and I sitting outside Pearl enjoying a coffee and doggychino...and maybe we'll even share a slice of cake;)

That's me!!


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