Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Spring = New Window!!

The weather....the weather....can you believe the weather!!

How gorgeous is this time of year in Brisbane?

With the sun shining and the birds singing (too far?) and all the beautiful new clothes arriving daily what else is a gal to do........get your legs out ladies!


The coffee, from Pearl, got the ball rolling...and I must say.... that Pilates is working Dee...check out the pins on that one!;)

We can be quite handy you gotta love a gal who can swing a frock and hammer a nail at the same's all about the angle....

The inspiration behind the window display was this amazing photo by Rachael Cassells....check out her work on, her work is really beautiful...

Rachael still uses film for her photography and we love the grainy Californian feel of her work...

There's one at every party...


Pop by and say hi over the weekend and take a peak at all the lovely new things...comment on Dees' beautiful window display (we're all about flattery)....and even though cooler weather has been predicted in the next few days....we don't care....we'll be listening to The Beach Boys and dancin' around like it's 29 degrees without a cloud in the sky!


  1. i'll take the pink frock and a cup of lloyd please.

  2. It's a deal! Lloyd comes free as a bonus gift with purchase;)

  3. hey love this post. Off to the beach this weekend and hope to see as many girls surfing as I did last time I was there. It is amazing to see so many young girls out in their wetties or cossies. Love the Rachel Cassells image. You can also get inspiration from one of Australia's terrific photographer/artists Anne Zahalka. see her work online at
    which is a gallery that features her work. A wonderful series on Bondi Beach, that has become part of Australian Beach Culture iconography.