Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The BOYYS are BACK in Town!!!!!!!

You know we watch the door like hawkes.....waiting not so patiently for these babies to arrive....can you blame us?!


Poor delivery men....unable to hide their fear as we race uncontrollably towards them.....arms flung open wide.....that crazy look in our eyes.....LUST!

You know the BOYY BAGS have arrived!

If you loved the "Slash" from last season, let me introduce you to his hotter older brother "Slash Stingray"

Can be worn as an oversized clutch or thrown over the shoulder....custom triple box chain with Stingray flap in current...


The Baron he a pony hair clutch?

wait! he an antique metallic pewter croc clutch?

Hang on hang on! he a metallic croc tote with pony hair top?

Maybe he's a pony hair tote with metallic croc top?!......he's all that and a bag of chips!!;)
4, count em...4 bags in one...can we get a hell yeah!!


We have a bit of a crush on Jake...sssshhh...don't tell the Baron!

Custom triple box chain can be worn slung...

or whatever...Jake's not long as you hold him close....he'll be faithful;)


The "slash" with pony hair flap.....treat him mean....he likes it!

Delivery men, delivery men

We all love delivery men

Delivery me, delivery men

They're our favourite kind of men!


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