Friday, November 26, 2010

We can't speak French...but we can still smell like Paris!

We have been looking for an amazing perfume to suit our Miss Mouse gals.....and of course we found the perfect little French number with a twist.....

Honore Des Pres is absolutely the most beautiful perfume you will ever smell, created by the gorgeous Olivia Giacobetti for women who really appreciate something unique and inspiring....just like Miss Mouse gals!

We are very proud to house such a fabulous brand at Miss Mouse, which is 100% natural, no chemistry...the first totally organic perfume in the world!!!

The eau de toilette natural spray includes Bonte's Bloom which contains lemon, citrus and geranium just like a Summer garden!....Honore's Trip which contains citrus extracts and is so light and fresh!....and last but certainly not least there is Chaman's Party which is an amazing smokey sandlewood blend...

The eau de parfum range is inspired by the wonderful Big Apple herself and is comprised of Love Coco (our personal fave!)...if you could sum up Summer in a scent it would be Love amazingly perfect mix of coconut and coriander...then there's Vamp NY, which is unbelievably sexy....tuberose, rum and bourbon vanilla!

YUM! xx

"Our perfumes are totally positive, because they include no petrochemical products or synthetic perfumes, are free of colouring agents and phthalates, are produced without animal testing or ingredients of animal origin, and contain no elements which aggravate the skin...of course!"

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