Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Get your hands off my Equipment!!

You may have noticed by now that blouses are big business at the moment, and thanks to le famille Restoin-Roitfeld, they're about to get even hotter. Carine's (former French Vogue Editor) longtime partner Christian Restoin first introduced the classic two pocket silk shirt when his French label, Equipment, was launched in 1979. Fast forward a few decades, add some new financial backers and a relaunch of the label, and voilĂ ! You have yourself some seriously sexy, updated blouses.

We're very excited to let you in on a little secret....Mis Mouse will be stocking these gorgeous shirts very soon!!

We have hand picked the cream of the crop for our Miss Mouse girls.....due to arrive in April/May....in a fab selection of pretty colours and gorgeous prints.....we couldn't help but order ourselves a few too!

Trust us....you'll never wear any other brand again!


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