Thursday, June 9, 2011

Miss Mouse loves.....

The lovely Bayleaf Cafe in Byron Bay!!

This small modern cafe is not out of place on Byron Bay's bustling Jonson Street strip. More often than not it is lively and buzzing, perhaps in part to the highly regarded coffee that is brewed there, winning over a substantial audience of Byron locals. Ben Musu has run the Bayleaf since mid 2004, with chef Sky Stoll at his side to dish up what Ben describes as 'modern cafe' fare. The sweet corn fritters sell like hot cakes, and are possibly more addictive than the coffee.

Take advantage of the Winter sun and sit out on the footpath with the locals...

Or mingle with the friendly staff inside where it's nice and warm!

There's nothing better than a nice drive on a sunny Winters day.....if you plan ahead you can check out the Byron Bay markets which are held the 1st Sunday of each month....


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