Friday, June 3, 2011

What's in your bag?

We thought we'd do a fun little post today....these are the things we carry in our bags everyday without fail......

Rose.....Slash Boyy Bag in leopard pony fav perfume "Love Coco" by Honore Des Pres mmm coconut and coriander yum!, Hermes wallet, Flint tortoise shell mens sunglasses, pawpaw lip balm, Aesop resurrection hand balm, my two signature lipsticks "Lady Danger" by Mac and "Aphrodite" by Napolean, Iphone 4, and I'm afraid my dirty little passenger has to be Marlboro lights!!

Dee......Lenny Boyy Bag in mustard.....Moleskin diary, Iphone 3 (ha ha!), Aesop face mist & Aesop geranium body balm, Living Earth raw chocolate (i like to refer to it as "dirt chocolate" cause it tastes like you just picked it up off the floor!), rosebud lip balm, "Love Coco" perfume (yes, we are morphing into one person), and Ray Ban aviators...

So...any dirty little secrets in your bag?!


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