Monday, August 1, 2011

We crossed over oceans...

We're back....and we bring pretty things!

And what an AMAZING time we had, sourcing many beautiful things for all the Miss Mouse gals....we searched high and low to find quirky, special and totally unique pieces for all of us!

We'd love to give all our mailing list girls a special sneak preview of our first collection of beautiful sterling silver jewelry, we snapped up a brand new jewelry designer that we know you will LOVE as much as we do, amazing cow hide and suede bags, hand made's all too much really!!

This Wednesday, 3rd August, we'd love to share all of these gorgeous goodies with you guys...pop on down to the shop between 5pm-7pm to get a first's a little bit like Christmas at Miss Mouse at the moment!

We've also had some fantastic deliveries from Miss Mouse favs American Vintage....get in fast....these super soft cotton numbers are pretty much sellin' themselves!! And brand new French label Sita Murt...yep, you know that means plenty of white cotton voile, pin tucking and french lace for everyone....and a little beading thrown in for good measure.

Let's just say...we're counting down the days til that Summer sun rolls on round....


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