Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Colour Therapy...

We always look forward to this time of year...not only does the weather change, but our mood seems to lift...just like the colours in our wardrobe. Doesn't it feel so uplifting and freeing to shed those Winter layers in favour of something a little lighter?! See, those snakes are on to something!;)

We thought we'd share some of our fav colour combos with you...

White cotton voile, burnt caramel python and a touch of bright watermelon...yum!!

Natural flecked linen, faded army green and red coral...earthy goodness!

Soft sage and white cotton tees, faded J Brand denim and a splash of neon coral...modern classics!

Sterling silver and navajo turquoise jewellery, almost-good-enough-to-eat macaroon coin purses from Boyy in sorbets and OPI nail polish in rusty red shades...match made in heaven!

So good, choc suede, fringed cow hide bag, turquoise twill skinnies from J Brand, white cotton voile and navy stripes...modern bohemian!

And Aesop Resurrection hand balm...because our poor old Winter hands need a little TLC....and not just because we love that blush coloured tube...ssh...don't judge us...we like pretty things!!

"In the right tonalities, I never met a colour I didn't like!"
- Iris Apfel


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