Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Spring = Silk!

The Spring deliveries keep rolling through the door and this season we are very excited as we have so many new labels to share with you! One of the things we are always trying to do is source new and interesting clothing, jewelery and accessories to keep things exciting for you and for us as well...while still maintaining the Miss Mouse feel with existing labels we will always LOVE!

If this means skipping a nutritious lunch in favour of scones with jam and cream (thank you Joanna) every now and then so we can stay on the lap top until we find that perfect pair of studded wrap sandals for Spring then SO BE IT!! ;)

One of these beautiful new labels is Aussie label Amber & Thomas....amazing soft silks and cottons in drapey fluid shapes...so easy for Spring...

Collarless Shirt Dress in White silk with shorter pale peach slip underneath...

Button Down Silk Cotton Shirt in turquoise....worn with the J Brand khaki shorts....we are constantly amazed that J Brand seem to always get the fits just perfect! Just a great little alternative to denim for Summer...


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