Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Visit From An Old Friend...

Since we opened over 2 years ago we have seen some labels come and go over the seasons, some we have replaced with other labels we love more, and others have simply become like an old dear friend, going away just long enough for us to long for her return each season....

...and like an old dear friend, she comes back with slight changes to her appearance but overall it's that same old friend you grew to love all those years ago....

.....let's call her Indigo!

White cotton damask dress with lace and embroidery...

White cotton embroidered top with cream jersey sleeves...

Old friend don't you remember
I'm you're long lost Fawn
I came and gave you shelter
When the fires were nearly gone
It's been such a long await
Where have you been
What have you done
Who came along
Is the journey fast
And is it treating you good
Was your winter short or long
Old friend I had a lot to say
That I couldn't find words for'
I am alive
To tell a tale of tales
To jump forth from the wishing well
My new love...


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