Friday, November 5, 2010

Lure...try the fish!

So we went to Lure on Thursday night for their very first evening service and it was exactly what I expected....a beautiful warm atmosphere created by a loving hard working family that just love great food.....and can I just say the food wasn't was FANTASTIC!.....oh yes....I used capitols for a reason!

We (I) forgot to take the camera, so we snapped a few shots on the trusty old Iphone...not bad!

After dinner you can grab a yummy Genovese coffee...good luck fitting it in after the fab desserts....Nanna Peg's Trifle anyone!

Dee's husband Chris hard at work....making my Trifle?;)

Such a warm and relaxing setting...Lure has heart and soul...

I'm pretty sure Dee was sneaking sips of wine while Chris wasn't watching;)

The staff are super friendly and always willing to pose for silly photos!

Dee's daughter Rem and I.....her glass had no wine in it....mine did!

Dee and Chris...always a bottle of red at the ready...


Great job guys!

We had such a great time sitting by the glowing candle light amongst the Liquid Amber trees...

The menu is perfectly edited with all of the meals at the same price point, making it perfect for splitting the bill with'll be looking at $24 for a main which is great!

We started off with the goats cheese tart which is made from the flakiest puff pastry and pop in your mouth sweet cherry tomatoes...YUM!

Then I decided on the Spring Snapper on a bed of Artichoke, kipfler potatoes and asparagus drizzled in lemon.....THE BEST DECISION I HAVE MADE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!! Oh my God it was the best fish I have ever had...ever!

They do a great Steak Diane which has been handed down by Dee's dad and the Chicken Kiev smelt like heaven!

Would you like dessert madamn?......."Hell yes!"

Dan ordered the Trifle (which I helped to eat;)......and I ordered the Creme Brule....I am a sucker for it. It was divine!

Finished by a couple of glasses of Shiraz with great friends!

Lure will be open Thurday, Friday and Saturday nights for dinner and bookings are welcome. BYO.

Do yourself a favour and get the me!


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  1. The pics look great. Gotta love the iphone for an impromptu photo shoot! Which App. did you use? I must have it Dee! x