Friday, January 20, 2012

Love A Good Orchid!

There's nothing quite as satisfying as going to the flower markets and standing there for eternity (which is what it feels like when you drag your husband along!) while you go over in your head whether said flowers really match that little corner of the rug in your lounge room... before you get all thinkin' we're totally obsessive compulsive nuts (just a bit)...we're not quite that anal...although the whole process when it comes to choosing flowers is so very therapeutic really...

Dee inspired my love of flower arrangements with her stunning displays every week in MM...and once you start mastering the art at home, well don't you just feel so grown up?!

I wish I could say Dee's love of cooking rubbed off on me...but alas, unless Jamie Oliver's comin' round to cut and prep the meal I'm really not that "interested"...for now I'm happy just to devour whatever she makes!!


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