Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Over the years Aesop has built up such a loyal following both here in Australia and overseas as well...it's almost impossible not to have come across the product somewhere along the line...and as far as skin care is concerned, Aesop is considered one of the best...

Miss Mouse is full of all the things we love and use so it was no surprise when we began stocking the famous brand (plus we were too lazy to go in to the city to buy it for ourselves!!)....so you know we just love it when they bring out new products!!

The yummy Geranium Leaf Body Scrub is a winner for Summer...especially if you love a bit of sun like we do!

Since it's inception in 1987 in Melbourne, the Aesop love has spread far and wide...and the French seem to have almost taken it as there own...maybe it's the simple sophisticated quality...maybe it's because the packaging is mostly in French...who knows...but they love it as much as we do!!

One of our fav French blogs Life Of Boheme is an avid fan...

If the beautiful packaging doesn't suck you in...the smell surely will!!


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